My name is Bailey.

I am an ambitious, innovative computer science graduate with a keen eye for detail. I am currently seeking a fulfilling position within software engineering where I will be solving problems, working with a team, and putting my coding knowledge to good use.

Skills & Technologies


  • Problem solver
  • Detail oriented
  • Team player
  • Interpersonal


(in order of average use)

  • SQL (Oracle, MySQL, Postgres)
  • Python
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • Bash/Cmd
  • Git/Github
  • PHP


  • tablex

    HTML table exporter

    Simple Python library that can take a table from a webpage and export it to Excel. The scraper connects to a webpage, pulls the table number from the webpage using pandas and BeautifulSoup, then generates a .xlsx file from the info. The file is then given a unique name and placed in the specified directory. Can be imported as a library or ran from the command line.

  • Ceasar Crack

    Ceasar cypher hacker

    A Ceasar Cypher encoder and decoder that allows the user to crack existing Ceasar Cyphers. This is done through iterating through keys and comparing the resulting string to a natural language dictionary from PyEnchant. The possible decrypted messages are then output to the user.

  • Message Board

    A message posting system integrated on the web.

    This project acts as an extension of this website. It's a simple message board integrated on a separate page that utilizes its own web framework to function. The app implements a PERN stack (PostgreSQL, Express, React, and Node.js) API for posting messages. Messages are posted anonymously.